What are the Lovers Codes?

Welcome to the Lovers Codes.  Please read the blog on how they came to be.

The Lovers Codes are a series of 15 guidelines, agreements and inspirations related to intimacy.  While most couples use the Codes as they are written; some choose to re-write or edit the Codes to meet their own needs.  They provide a foundation for which intimacy can evolve and deepen.

Most intimate relationships pass through stages that are fairly consistent.  At some point, the honeymoon ends and couples wonder what happened to the joy and passion.  Communication is not as frequent or meaningful; the fires of passion begin to cool; work and processing replace natural play and some couples begin to doubt their love for each other.  The relationship becomes mundane and when boredom and routine sets in, couples are then sailing on the shallows.

Within any one to one intimate relationships, there are three aspects to consider.  There are partner ‘A’s issues, partner ‘B’s issues and then the ‘we’ issues.  All three must be considered and addressed for the relationship to grow

With the Codes, couples learn to maintain that growing edge and communication actually deepens.   The foundation becomes incredibly strong which sets the stage for each to do their own personal evolutions and examination.  When conflicts arise, couples have new tools to address these bumps in a manner that all grow and win.  Conflicts point to areas of potential healing rather than deal breakers and couples then have the courage to face this healing as they trust truth and compassionate examination.

In short, the Codes provide a foundation built on trust, truth, transparency and transformation.

On the surface, the Codes may appear logical and practical; but upon closer examination and sharing their secrets and challenge come alive.

Many use the Codes as their marriage or commitment vows to each other with great results.

Whether you follow a traditional or alternative paths of relating, the Codes may fit for your next evolution within.

I wish you joy and abundance of self-discovery on your path.

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